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Long before the television show about nothing, The Diceman was doing radio shows about nothing.  Roll The Dice is your once-a-week sojourn into "the world according to The Diceman."  The Diceman is Steve Levin, recurring guest on “The Mancow Show,” “The Goeff Pinkus Show,” and “Open Road Radio.”  Now, following in the steps of many great show characters, he's got his own spin-off show.

Whatever your mood when you tune in, Dice will make you laugh, think, and realize that we're better off enjoying the journey going shoulder-to-shoulder, rather than face-to-face.  His show is a blend of serious, humorous, irreverent, and honest.  You'll find yourself nodding your head and giggling.  There's no better way to end your week — and no better way to start the new week!

“Roll The Dice” airs on WCGO Sundays from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Central. Catch the Facebook Live feed from WCGO’s Facebook page. Call in live at 877-711-5611! Find episodes below.




The Diceman's repertoire is life: business, recreation, quiet time, and always offering a helping hand.  As a licensed mortgage broker, "Dice" has helped hundreds of prospective and current homeowners gain preferred financing on their new or existing homes.  His complete knowledge of the mortgage market, coupled with hard work and honesty, is peerless.  

On the recreation side, Steve is an avid biker and lover of life.  Never shy with a quip, he's a caring, loyal friend to hundreds and always ready to pitch in and help with whatever life brings.  His perspectives are insightful, relevant, and deep. 


This week The Diceman is joined by show regulars Dok Not Doc and Rick Yale, plus the show's former producer Darian Sims! The topic is FORGIVENESS.