Please note: SoberRadio is not affiliated with any group or organization and does not endorse any cause, but presents the principals of AA and other recovery practices as related through the recovery experience of the host, its guests, and addiction and recovery experts.


SoberRadio is a one-hour weekly program dealing with recovery from alcohol addiction. The process of recovery is ongoing and progressive, just as the disease of alcoholism is progressive and, oftentimes, fatal. Through the experience, strength, and hope presented on “SoberRadio,” you can begin to lose your fear of recovery and learn the process of living without alcohol.

Host Chuck Duncan brings various guests and experts to this show to offer encouragement to anyone whose life has been impacted by alcohol addiction. Virtually every adult knows an alcoholic, whether it's a listener or someone the listener knows and cares about. SoberRadio provides a firsthand and honest forum that presents the truths about alcoholism and recovery. Alcoholism knows no geographic, socioeconomic, or genetic boundary, and this program should be on your radio station to allow your listeners to hear the truth.

“SoberRadio” airs on WCGO Saturday mornings from 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. Central and on the Smart Talk Radio Network Monday through Friday at midnight. Find episodes below.




Chuck Duncan is an experienced radio professional, having served in various capacities in the radio broadcasting industry since 1978. His own struggles with alcoholism began in his early 20s, and after trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with the disease for 35 years experienced a brief moment of clarity and knew that he could not live that way any longer. Considering two diverse courses of action, and unsure of how to live without alcohol, he attended his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting on May 21, 2007, and made a decision to go all-in. Through tremendous fellowship, guidance and introspection, he learned how to grow up, become an adult, and start living life in the manner his Higher Power deemed appropriate. From that point on, Chuck has learned to live in a manner he never believed he was worthy of, gaining tolerance, acceptance, serenity, and experiencing pure joy and inner peace through a strong spiritual connection to the world. Service work plays a crucial role in his continuous sobriety, sponsoring several men through their sobriety journey, as well as serving as the Board President for a Chicago-area sober living home. Frequent gratitude attacks are prolonged by staying closely connected to the global sobriety community and sharing the gift of hope with any man, woman, or family seeking help.


Karen Wolownik Albert, executive director of the Gateway Foundation's Lake County Treatment Services, joins SoberRadio to share her insights on addiction, recovery, myriad Gateway Foundation programs, and community education about use and recovery.

Guest Joyce C from GamAnon joins the program to discuss support and educational resources for those impacted by a gambling addict.

Guest Jane Z joins the show to discuss her journey through alcoholism that led her to write Love and Compassion Is My Religion: A Beginner's Book into Spirituality.

In this episode of SoberRadio's Speaker Series, guest Paul W. discloses what his life was like, what happened and what it's like now.

As part of the SoberRadio Speaker Series, this broadcast presents Martin S., whose experience, strength and hope will disclose the lengths we must be willing to go in order to gain a meaningful life.

Mickey B. shares the importance of rigorous honesty, staying connected and helping others as key steps to continuous sobriety and happiness.

Part 1 of a historic talk in which Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill W. tells his story in an impromptu talk on the night that his friend and co-founder of AA, Dr. Bob, passed away.

Part 2 of a historic talk in which Alcoholics Anonymous co-founder Bill W. discusses his struggle with alcoholism and eventual recovery, delivered on the night that his friend and AA co-founder, Dr. Bob, passed away.

In the first episode of the SoberRadio Speaker Series, one of the most popular recovery speakers, Earl H., relays his heartfelt story with humor, dignity and rigorous honesty. If you enjoy speaker sessions, Earl H. is a must hear!

The stigma of being an alcoholic! Great discussion with returning guest Scott Stevens whose upcoming third book hits the subject hard. Scott also releases the details on his brand new free app Alcohology, all available through his website.

SoberRadio's New Year's Eve Special in which relapse prevention is discussed with author Scott Stevens.

Chicago Sun Times columnist and author Neil Steinberg discusses his book Drunkard, sharing his experience, strength and hope on recovery.

Author Scott Stevens discusses his book Every Silver Lining Has a Black Cloud, which deals with relapse prevention, danger signs and dangerous thinking.

Dealing with the physical and emotional changes in the early stages of recovery.

Staying in the solution during the early stages of recovery, including the inner conflict of following through with the work to recover.

How to stay on the road to recovery during the early stages of the recovery process.

In-depth discussion of what to expect during the early stages of recovery.

Initial steps toward recovery are discussed.